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For all the best in online gambling news, head on over to iGaming Business. Today’s news includes New Jersey online gambling bills get mixed results, Shuffle Master set to acquire Ongame Network, Federal online gaming legislation opposed by NCSL and Betfair is Everywhere with new web tool. Plus find all the best Online Gambling Jobs available. What online gambling casino’s have caught your eye the most this year? Do you think they are moving forward and being innovative or are the online casino’s becoming stagnant?


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It was awesome to see that IGBAffiliates had a stand at the recent OA&A expo at Earls Court 2 in London. Was interesting to visit them and see the various reactions that came from the visitors. There was clearly those people who knew exactly who they were and others that did not have a clue but took some interest when they discovered that they deal with the Online Gambling industry. I would love to hear your thoughts on whether you think that online gambling is becoming more acceptable in the mainstream or is it still looked at with a tarnished brush by some? The more people I speak to these days don’t seem to blink an eye when I mention that I enjoy a hand or two of online poker and definitely have a few punts on the sporting front. Only a few years back people considered this be taboo. Do you have the same feelings as me or does the online gambling industry have a long way to go still?

This weekends sports

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So did any of you guys have a bit of a flutter on any of the major sporting events that took place over the last weekend? I bet a few pounds on Rory to the World Championship Golf and for Liverpool to win the Carling Cup final. Almost got there with Rory, hard luck, but I think it is now just a matter of time before he becomes world number 1. Got the win on Liverpool, but how nerve-racking was that game? Cardiff had a go right up until the end, and that is literally. A very good final, especially if you were a neutral spectator. Got some massive Premier League games coming up this weekend and the F1 season is only a few weeks away now. I think Manchester United will have the edge over Spurs, especially after their embarrassing loss to Arsenal and I might have a punt on Liverpool to beat Arsenal at Anfield, they will be on high after their cup victory and their home form needs to come right at some point, and I think that point will be this weekend. Get your F1 fantasy Team together and see if your predictions for the season match up to everybody else’s. I can’t wait for the season to start, I think it is going to be one of the most closely contested seasons in a while. bring it on!!!!

MySpace on the rebound

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MySpace, do any of you guys out there remember MySpace? I have a feeling that with the news that out of the blue, MySpace has all of a sudden signed up one million new users in the last month and are now averaging forty thousand new sign-ups per day, that you might want to dust off the cobwebs on that old profile and get it updated. This is the news out recently that MySpace seems to be back in fashion, do you think this is a passing trend as before or has Justin Timberlake and his investors got something good going on here? Is Zynga having a role in their come back and do you think because of this, gaming affiliates should be looking at getting involved or at least rekindle their lost love for MySpace? I have a feeling that we need to keep up with this and not miss out, this is definitely showing the power of social media and that even the once forgotten can and probably will rise again in this market.

Great gaming jobs at igamingbusiness

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Obviously over the last couple of years the most talked about news is the state of the economy and the Employment figures. Most industries have taken a big knock in the current economic climate and have been struggling to create job vacancies to keep up with the numbers of employees requiring work. The Online and Offline Gambling industry has most definitely be bucking the trend and have seen a large number of new sites and vacancies open up in the last couple of years and look to continue to do so in the foreseeable future. igamingbusiness is one of the best places to search for the perfect job in the gaming industry, so if you are looking for a job in a new industry and feel you have the right qualifications to take on a new role or just looking to progress in your gaming career, head on over to igamingbusiness for the best available jobs.

Social media and gaming firm Zynga reports record bookings

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In a report published in igamingbusiness, social media and gaming firm Zynga have recorded record bookings. For the whole story check out igamingbusiness.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Two Fat Ladies

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This Valentine’s Day, Two Fat Ladies Bingo are celebrating by offering you a day of LOVE and ROMANCE with their £1402 Love Celebration Game. So head over to the Love celebration Room at Two Fat Ladies Bingo on Valentine’s Day at 9pm. Ticket prices are only 50p, so why not cuddle up with your loved one in front of the screen, maybe by the warm fire place in this cold winter weather and have a game or two of Bingo, you never know, the mood might get even hotter if you hit the jackpot!


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